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Room B-7

Congratulations! Everyone met their Quarter 1 AR Goal. The kids are now ready to work towards meeting their goal for Quarter 2! Thank you parents for your support at home with your child. 
* Homework Help 
Homework Help days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's from 2:15-2:50. Please pick up your child at 2:50. Please call the school if an emergency arises or if you will be later than expected. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Please continue to check your child's AR Log/ folder each day to see their test scores taken in class. 
Weekly Spelling Homework:
Monday: Write incorrectly spelled words from Pre-Test 5 times each (3rd)
               Write incorrectly spelled words from Pre-Test 3 times each (2nd)
Tuesday: Write 10 sentences using spelling word/words (3rd)
                Write 7 sentences using a spelling word (2nd)
Wednesday: Write spelling words in ABC order (2nd and 3rd)
                      "Rainbow words"- write each word 3 times with pencil and trace over 3 times with 3 different colored crayons. 
Thursday: Practice Test, STUDY
Friday: Have spelling test in workbook signed by parent and returned on Monday
*Thank you parents in advance for studying with your child. The children earn coins for their hard word throughout the week. We celebrate their success each Friday with Treasure Box. The kids really look forward to trading in their coins for prizes. 
My name is Michelle Harris and this will be my second year teaching at Kahala Elementary! This year I will the resource room teacher for grades 2 & 3.
A little about me: I started my teaching career on the East Coast in the state of New Jersey, which is also where I grew up. I have previously taught special education in a variety of settings such as inclusion and resource room over the course of a few years. I have worked with students in grades K through 4. This is my fourth year living and teaching in Hawaii.   
Teaching philosophy: I believe that the foundation of effective teaching rests upon providing a safe and nurturing classroom environment. I also feel it is important to guide our students learning so that every child feels successful and motivated to become lifelong learners. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time through email or by phone. Thank you!