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Aloha Student and Parents, 


After much back and forth with the distance learning enrollment numbers we are finally set with our class. We will be focusing much of our time using the Acellus distance learning program throughout the first two quarters with the plan of coming back to face to face lessons after the new year. We will have daily morning check-ins at 8 am via google classroom to touch base as well as take attendance and "Grab n Go" lunch count if you do decide to get a school lunch. 


Along with using the Acellus program, we will be continuing the use of the current programs that we use here at Kahala Elementary School. We will use Accelerated Reader, KidBiz, as well as Freckle Math. In regards to the Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program, student will take a placement assessment and have a quarterly reading goal that will be monitored throughout each quarter. The Kidbiz program will be used as well. In fourth grade, students are required to complete 2 Kidbiz articles (only read article and complete activity questions) at 75% comprehension or higher on their first try. The goal is to have students finish a minimum of 20 articles each quarter. The use of the Freckle Math program is still undetermined due to the possibility of using the Acellus program in leu of Freckle Math.  


Communication with families will be through the google classroom platform as well as email, text message, or phone call. Below I have attached some more information about the AR, Kidbiz program, online typing programs, and some important upcoming dates.  


Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Michael Klingberg

808 983 9000



Accelerated Reader (A.R.):

Students must read 30 minutes each evening. The students should be reading an A.R. book that is at their reading level. Students will be required to take a comprehension-reading test after each book and meet their personal A.R. goal by the end of each quarter. 


KidBiz3000: (Online Language Arts program:

Students must complete two Kidbiz articles each week. Students will be assigned one article each week and be able to pick the second article to read. Students must read the article and then complete the activity and score 75% or better on the activity. They are required to finish 20 articles by the end of each quarter. At this point, each student should have 60 articles completed.


Keyboarding and Computer Skills:

Keyboarding skills are an essential skillset required in our day-to-day work and communication. Unfortunately, there is not always enough time in the school day for students to practice their typing skills. The two typing websites listed below are located on Kahala online programs. These programs are a great way to keep students actively practicing their typing speed and accuracy.


Other helpful websites

Hawaii State Testing Website


Math Learning Tools

  • Fraction on number lines
  • Place Value
  • Monetary tools
  • 10 Frames
  • And More


Important Dates

8/27: Statehood Day

9/7: Labor Day

10/5-10/9: Fall Break

11/3: Veterans Day

11/26-11/27: Thanksgiving 

12/21-1/5: Winter Break