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The Other Pair. Kindness and Caring. CHOOSE LOVE. QTR 2 SY20-21 Kahala VIRTUAL

Added Oct 05, 2020
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10.5.20 EO Welina and welcome to the second quarter of 4th grade 29E. After a week's well deserved stayCATION, we all should be rejuvenated and ready to harness virtual learning. Everyone in their own way is making this LMS work to their advantage. "...when the going get's tough, the tough go virtual!". Parent/Teacher VIRTUAL conferences will be 10.26 thru 10.28.20. Confirmation letter will be arrive with GoogleMeets link. Parents and guardians, please ask your 4th grader to help you access gMeets for the conference, they too can be at the conference, if they'd like. More learning derigueur, meet 4th grade weekly/quarterly goals and responsibilities, AR goal, KidBiz 3 times a week, ImagineLearning (EL) 30 minutes each school day. Weekly math, ELA, Sciences, HI SOC STU, and health assigned, completion of daily work is your responsibility as homework Contact me if you need to. Let's have an awesome Autumn and Winter. IMUA HOU Na'u Mr. Cortez III

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