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Hōlua QTR3 & 4 SY2020-21

To say that it's been so very interesting, does not suffice or encompass the rise to the many challenges to make SY20-21 a learning success for na haumana and kumu.  EO, ke ora, as we segue to Spring Break, March 15-19, 2021.  In times of change and reinvention, simple wisdom of Na Po'e Kahiko, look back from where we came from, look ahead at the horizon, the journey.  
Three quarters have quickly slipped through the recovery hands of C19.  We've adapted to maintain school according to health and safety standards and are realizing a renewed Eschool due to circumstances.  Your child needs to be commended for their integral help to get us through these interesting times and new decade.  
Quarter 4 will include end of the year SBAC testing in ELA and Math.  Be sure to visit for student & families to be aware of how to maneuver on the testing page, and see samples of ELA and math assessment questions.  A complex "virtual" Science Showcase and on-campus Curriculum Fair will culminate our 20-21SY.
Continue to encourage your keiki to meet their 4th quarter AR goal, KidBiz (we try to do 3 everyday in-school), Freckle, eSpark, and library Gform for borrowing of books.  Visit for current and trending notices, A/B days/calendar, meal menu, summer eschool, etc.  If there is any way I can be of assistance lmk via Staff tab.  
Imua hou,
p cortez III

The Other Pair. Kindness and Caring. CHOOSE LOVE. QTR 2 SY20-21 Kahala VIRTUAL

10.5.20 EO Welina and welcome to the second quarter of 4th grade 29E. After a week's well deserved stayCATION, we all should be rejuvenated and ready to harness virtual learning. Everyone in their own way is making this LMS work to their advantage. "...when the going get's tough, the tough go virtual!". Parent/Teacher VIRTUAL conferences will be 10.26 thru 10.28.20. Confirmation letter will be arrive with GoogleMeets link. Parents and guardians, please ask your 4th grader to help you access gMeets for the conference, they too can be at the conference, if they'd like. More learning derigueur, meet 4th grade weekly/quarterly goals and responsibilities, AR goal, KidBiz 3 times a week, ImagineLearning (EL) 30 minutes each school day. Weekly math, ELA, Sciences, HI SOC STU, and health assigned, completion of daily work is your responsibility as homework Contact me if you need to. Let's have an awesome Autumn and Winter. IMUA HOU Na'u Mr. Cortez III
Outrigger Canoe O'ahu, Turtle Bay Resort
8.8.2020, Saturday
Ano ai,
Best to follow what's trending via news feeds and live coverage from the Governor and Sup. Kishimoto, concerning the start of SY2020-21.  Kahala's webpage is also a good reference point and link.
Mahalo to parents that brought their child's school supplies to our class.  Supplies are on their desk for them to organize when we see them in-person.  Speaking of "in-person", at this date, it will be Monday thru Thursday the week of 8.17-20.2020. Friday, 8.21.2020 is a holiday.  8.17 is the A group all day, 8.18-B group all day, and so forth w/A, B rotation, while AB student attend both schedule days.  Please view SY20-21 calendar at for specific inquiries.
Be aware that there is the option to enroll for ONLY on-line education.  There is a commitment for at least one semester. Specifics about this choice of curriculum for your child can be answered by calling Kahala school, 808.733.8455 or website.
I have noticed movement in and out, from my SY20-21 roster, it's expected during these times.  
Parents and guardians, know that I understand the many sacrifices and changes needed to get your child BACK into school, but work and sort through them calmly with breathes to clear away the periodic stress(es).  I get it, I really do, and know that I'm here to support you and your keiki to get them safely back to school.  
Teachers are on a sketchy timeline, for lack of a better description, e kala mai. DOE and HSTA are doing what's best for na kumu, 'ohana, keiki and community.  This too will past, let's be cool, calm and at ease.
Please email me if need be at
Be safe and healthy until we meet.
P. Cortez III
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Welina, ano ai,
Welcome to SY2020-2021, 4th grade, 29E. 
With the many changes, please follow what's trending at where you will find A/B schedules, DOE 2020-21 SY calendar, cafeteria menu, etc.  I can be contacted via email, staff tab, 4th grade.
At the moment, the welcome letter (see below) notifying parents of A, B, or A & B, student status and notification of student supplies information and drop off date is most important information at the moment.  Wednesday, 8.5.2020 is the first in-person 1/2 day for A students. Thursday, 8.6.2020 first in-person 1/2 day for B students.  Please view A/B schedule on Kahala's webpage.  
I look forward to meeting you as we get back to school.

July 23, 2020

Aloha Gr.4-29E Ohana,

Welcome back to school!  

My name is Mr. Cortez III, and I will be your fourth grade teacher for the 2020-2021 school year.  I cannot wait to meet you all, in-person, on August 5!  While school may seem/look different this year, one thing will never change: I am here for you. Your health, safety, happiness, and growth are my top priorities.

Parents and caregivers, I ask for your help and cooperation this year, as we will need to work together to help ensure a safe and smooth transition back to school for all children.  Please put all of your child’s supplies in a large plastic garbage bag, label their school supplies, and drop them off outside Room 29-E (your child’s classroom) on Tuesday, July 28, between 8:00 a.m.-12:00p.m. Teachers will not be on campus. The custodians will put them in the classroom later that day. All supplies will be put away in your child’s desk and cubby, and will be ready and waiting for them when they enter the classroom on the first day of school (August 5).

Classrooms will no longer have community supplies. Each child will be responsible for their own supplies. I also understand that there will be a few items on our supply list that may not be available or in stock.  Please bring in what you can, when you can.  

This year grades 3-5 will be in school on an A/B rotation.  Your child will be in school on A, B, or A & B days. Please note that groupings may change based on enrollment.  

I am so excited to work together as a team to make sure that we all have a safe and wonderful year together in fourth grade. I am here for all of my students and their families so if you have any questions about supply drop off, please feel free to email me at

Mahalo piha, take care and stay safe,

Mr. Cortez III

Virtual education, learning at-home

Haumana, (students) please keep updated with your Google account and our Google Classroom for announcements and learning workouts, in spite of what we are ALL doing to beat this health pandemic.
As I have mentioned in the classroom, " school", NOW is the time to make this/these learning moments real for you.  To combat boredom, do workout learning lessons.  Be proactive and maintain your responsibility for positive and healthy learning in ALL situations.  
Questions? Email me, I'll kokua. 
Let's all make the best for our 4th grade learning continuity.  
Help your parents, grandparents, etc., but most importantly, be productive around the house, READ, read, read and keep growing you mind and intellect.
Miss you all.
Imua hou,
Nā'ea Kalaepōhaku

Georgia O'Keefe, Hawai'i Series
EO! Welina, 'eha quarter SY19-20
Na haumana e makua, please follow DOE directives concerning COVID-19.  Spring Break has been extended for a second week.  Until we are back to school business, be safe.  Visit our Google Classroom and my Kahala Staff page for current update.  
Imua hou,
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Eo!, Welina ano ai. Hauoli makahiki hou, iwakalua iwakalua quarter ekolu keia.  Holua third quarter. Down hill slide of 4th grade.  
  • ELA: Wonders Unit 3/4; writing styles: narrative, summary, theme, opinion, pro/con, POV; inquiries on related informational text
  • MATH: math metacognition; Modules 7 -9, division, common fractions, mass and capacity
  • SCIENCES: Plant and animal structures, Energy 
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: 'ahupua'a, moku (land division), society/roles, rules, sustainability resources and 'aina management (pre/post shift contact); lo'i, loko i'a, transition to Western thinking, living, economy, etc.; na holoholona, plant and animal life, pre/post contact; indigenous, endemic, extinct, endangered
  • HEALTH: Factors influencing health, analyzing influences (culture, family, peers, media, commercial consumerism) 
  • check Kahala school's webpage for "letter" day, announcements, cafeteria menu and links; E is 4th grade's day of specials, shoes needed for PE
  • check Google classroom for assignments, instructions, deadlines, etc.
  • unfinished school work, completed as homework
  • meet quarterly AR goal, 85% comprehension score of AR tests
  • 2 per week, KidBiz, 20 per quarter
  • wear Kahala T-shirt Wednesday for classroom Student Council points
  • Friday Brown envelope: parent maintenance, sign and return on front, return completed field studies permission form
  • Be early and on time. First school bell 7:55 a.m., tardy bell 8:00 a.m.
  •  Wednesday, school ends at 1:25 p.m., 2:15 p.m. otherwise
  • Be prepared for school, physically and most importantly, mentally; having a positive growth mindset ensures the realization that school fosters the solid foundation of a work ethic
  • Eat a power breakfast, to jump start the mind, brain and body
  • Friday 1.10.20: Pau'ahi Bishop Museum, Part 2, Kahala Tee, shoes, home lunch encouraged
Dates to be announced:
  • Papahanakua'ola lo'i kalo
  • Papahanakua'ola loko i'a Heeia
  • HTY, Royal School, Tenney Theater, St. Andrew's 
No school dates:
  • Monday, 1.20.20, Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday, 2.10.20, HSTA Teacher Institute Day
  • Monday, 2.17.20, President's Day
  • Monday - Friday, 3.16 - 20.20, Spring Break
  • Friday, 4.10.20, Good Friday
  • Monday, 5.25.20, Memorial Day
School Happenings:
  • Friday, 1.31.20, Keiki Carnival
  • Friday, 3.13.20, end of quarter 3
  • Thursday, 5.28.20, last day of school
Thank you parents for kokua with your 4th grader.
Contact me at
Imua hou Kalaepohaku,
Pablo Cortez III
Fresco detail, Juliette May Fraser, Edna Allen Room, HI State Library Honolulu
Eo! Welina, ano ai
Second quarter of SY19-20:
Curriculum focus: Science Fair, December 11,2019
Parent/Teacher Conferences: 10.22.19 thru 10.28.19; early release, details on school's homepage
SOEST, UH Mānoa, field study, Science & Technology, Friday, 10.25.19
All Hallow's Eve Costume Parade, October 31st, details on school's homepage
Veteran's Day, holiday, Monday, November 11, 2019
Annual Turkey Trot races, 8:00-10:00 a.m.Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Thanksgiving: November 28, 29, 2019
Christmas Break: December 23, 2019 thru January 8, 2020, School resumes Thursday 1.9.20, B day, beginning of Quarter 3
Weekly school responsibility routines:
  • KidBiz 2 times a week
  • Meet AR quarterly goal
  • Google Classroom: check in often to view inquiry/independent research write-up, details, deadlines, links
  • Wear Kahala Tee shirt every Wednesday for Student Council classroom points
  • Friday Go Home brown envelope: please monitor, sign date r'ced, read media and return to school the following Monday
  • Be on time, first bell 7:55 a.m.
  • Breakfast ensures a Power start for the learning day, support our school cafeteria breakfast for nutritious brain energizers
  • Instilling a positive growth mind set about your keiki's school responsibilities motivates learner risk-taking and fosters learner independence
Questions, email me, I'll be happy to kokua.
Imua Kalaepohaku,
Mr. Cortez III
Ano ai na haumana e na makua.  Welcome to 29E, 4th grade.  As it is still summer in the tropics, there's always time to enjoy the perfect weather and beaches as we get back to business.  
I await meeting each one of you and your parents.  The beginning of a new school year can be stressful, but thinking and acting happy and positive will always make things better.  4th grade is the prelude of middle school.  As a 4th grade teacher, I strongly advocate learner commitment to school and learning responsibility.  Developing goals, dreams and visions are pivotal in the social, emotional and educational process of the whole child.  
New routines will begin.  Parents, please help your child maintain them:
  • be on-time and be ready to learn
  • have breakfast for a smart start
  • homework will be assigned as needed (important unfinished class work, project-based research, inquiry, prototypes etc.)
  • Wednesday, wear Kahala t-shirt
  • be aware of the letter day of the week, posted on Kahala's website
  • has updated information and links of which are very helpful
  • Friday envelope goes home weekly, sign and date w/a black sharpie please go through it, field studies parent consent forms, notices of events, etc. requires a timely response
More and specifics will be shared at Open House, 8.15.19, Thursday.  The Opening of the School year packet is in the first Friday envelope, which requires your attention.
If there is any way I can help or clarify questions, email me at the address at the staff index of Kahala's website.  29E will have a google classroom site, so visit often to be aware of notices, homework, projects, deadlines, etc.  
Māhalo i a 'oe.
Imua Kalaepohaku.
Mr. Cortez III