Welcome everyone to E-27 math. This school year we will be covering various areas in mathematics such as, Numbers and Operations, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Measurements, Geometry, and Data Analysis as a way to enhance overall mathematical skills.


      As students complete each section within a chapter, homework will be assigned as a way to reinforce the concepts or math skill presented in that chapter. If time permits students will have an opportunity to do their math homework in class.  

     Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Students take a 1 min. timed multiplication drill.  They are given a multiplication math fact journal that they are responsible to do ever Tuesday and Thursday.  Scores are monitored in class and students until students have mastered multiplication tables up to 12's.  

Online Math Program

      As a school we are encouraging students to use the online programs available.  This school year my class will be using Freckle Math each student should have their own personal user name and password located in their planners. I am asking each math students to do at least 30 min. a week consecutively or intermittently, either in school or at home.   This will help to strengthen their mathematic skills.  Periodically I will assign specific lessons to do.  

Classroom Materials: (Provided by school)

    • Math
      • Stepping Stones:  Grades  3-5 
      • Practice Books 
      • Student Math Journals 
      • Student math drill and math fact journals