Ms. Robin Naope » Classroom Behavior Expectations:

Classroom Behavior Expectations:

Within our classroom we promote the following classroom management skills: 
1)   3 personal standards (Solve Problems, Make A Good Decisions, Show Respect).  This is a positive behavioral management system that our class follows.  It sets clear behavioral expectations for all my  students while building life-long social skills for positive individual behavior. 
2)  Reward Incentive System: Students are placed into teams of 3 - 4  in the beginning of each quarter. Teams then set point goals they feel they would be able to achieve by the end of the quarter.  Teams also learn to work together to earn random points throughout the quarter for demonstrating positive behavioral skills (i.e. communication, conflict resolution, time management, 3 personal standards etc.). The team that earns the most points or meets their point goal will get official bragging
rights and special privileges during our end of the quarter team activities. It is important for  students to set goals, build team skills and be rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviors that will hopefully transcend outside of the classroom.