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Happy 2019!
I hope you had a restful break!  
Here are some reminders for the 3rd quarter:
January 18: progress reports go home
January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
January 25: Keiki Carnival 
January 31: field trip Waikiki Aquarium
February 11: Teacher Institute Day - no school for students
February 18: Presidents' Day holiday
March 18 - 22: Spring Break 
*We will end school on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 2:15 and at 1:15 on Friday, January 25.  The bus company was already informed about the switch in schedule for those who have bus services. 
Our themes for January are Chinese New Year (Culture- Show awareness, knowledge and appreciations of own culture and the culture of others) and ocean animals (Life Sciences - Observe and describe animals as they go through predictable life cycles & observe and describe ways in which many animals resemble their parents).
*Please review related vocabulary in their composition book
Welcome back to school!
Here are a few reminders the 2nd quarter: 
Choose Love Curriculum - We will focus on "Gratitude" this quarter. We will practice the "Gratitude Breath" and discuss "Gratitude in School", make "Gratitude Soup" and put "Gratitude in Action". 
October 18: Waimanalo Farm field trip
October 22 - 26: Scholastic Book Fair
October 22 - 30: Parent-teacher conferences, school ends at 1:15 pm (first quarter report cards will be given at that time)
October 31: Halloween Parade and Carnival
November 6 & 12: No school (Election Day & Veterans' Day)
November 21: Turkey Trot
November 22 & 23: No school (Thanksgiving)
December 24 - January 8: Winter break (students return January 9)
*A few new Halloween-themed pictures are in the photo album
My name is Mrs. Gomes and I am excited for the new school year and to be your child's teacher.  I am looking forward to a year of fun, learning and adventure! Here is a little information about me.  
I was born here in Hawaii.  Since I was in the 8th grade I knew I wanted to work with children with disabilities. In 2006, I received my Master's of Education in Special education with a focus on students with moderate to severe disabilities. I have been the preschool education teacher here at Kahala Elementary School for 10 years.  I have learned so much over the years from each child and I'm excited to learn from your child this year too!
Mrs. Anne Pang is the classroom educational assistant.  She and I have worked together in the preschool classroom for 10 years and she has been at Kahala Elementary even longer.  She is very familiar with the different needs of our students and is a wonderful asset to the classroom. 

What Do We Do In Preschool?

Morning Circle
During morning circle we count the days in the month, look for patterns on the calendar, sing months of the year and days of the week, and talk about the weather. We also review our schedule for the day, our lunch menu and recite popular nursery rhymes. Students also practice identifying their letters and producing each letter sound. Please see the "Photo Album" page under "Morning Circle."

Individual Instruction
Some time is taken each day to work with children individually (and sometimes in small groups) to address specific IEP objectives (some examples include: numbers, letters, writing, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, patterns, sequencing, jigsaw puzzles, and rhyming).

During snack, we sit together as a group. Children practice table manners such as requesting food items, cleaning up, wiping their areas and pushing their chairs in. This is also an opportunity for children to practice one to one correspondence (counting crackers, fruit snacks, etc.). As part of our wellness program, I ask that you please try to send healthy snacks as much as possible.  You will receive a letter regarding what snacks are considered healthy on the first day of school.

Recess is on the playground behind our classroom. Children free play on the equipment with our supervision as we stress safety and proper use of the equipment. We encourage running, climbing, sliding and arm swinging. This is also an opportunity for our students to interact with kindergarten peers in the neighboring classrooms.

Themes and Related Activities
During our thematic circle, we meet on the floor for a story on our current theme. Story time is used to help students develop an appreciation and enjoyment of reading as well as expand their vocabulary, comprehension, attention skills and knowledge base. Thematic activities are often table group activities related to our current theme. For example, if we are studying our bodies, some theme activities may include tracing our bodies, adding features, clothes, doing hand and footprints.

We walk in a line to the cafeteria where we follow the routine of getting our own fork, napkin, lunch and milk. In the cafeteria we practice table manners and encourage the children to try new foods. The children are able to practice independently carrying their lunch tray, opening their milk (or requesting help if needed) and using utensils daily. We eat our lunch on a table next to kindergarten peers.

Children rest on cots with their blanket or towel. Nap is usually an hour to an hour and a half.

Goodbye Circle
During this time children are able to pick a song of their choice. Most of our music includes hand clapping, hand motions, instruments and other rhythmic expressions.

Our centers include blocks, transportation, computer, puzzles, reading and home center. Learning centers allow children to make choices and encourage social interaction. They allow hands-on experience with materials. Children develop social skills as they interact, share and grow together.

Fine Motor Activities
Theses activities help to improve small muscle development and eye-hand coordination. Some high interest materials that we use include puzzles, play dough, beads and string, pegboards, crayons, and cutting.

Gross Motor Activities
These activities give our children the opportunity to use their muscles as they engage in fun and developmental exercises such as throwing and catching balls, tricycle riding, rolling and tumbling, climbing and sliding down playground equipment.

Other Information

Specialists and Specials Teachers
Speech Therapist: Ms. Cheryl 
Librarian: Mrs. Gail Weiz (Wednesdays 8:30 am)
Music: Mr. Shepherd Kawakami (Fridays 10:15 am)
B days:
-Art with Mrs. Jenny Tam Sing (12:45 - 1:30 pm)
-PE with Mr. Zachary DeSilva (1:30 pm - 2:15 pm)
E days:
-Computer with Mrs. Ruby Chan (1:30 pm - 2:15 pm)

*If your child is sick please keep him/her at home to recuperate and to prevent others from becoming sick. 

*If your child should have a fever, vomit or have diarrhea please keep your child home for 24 hours before sending him/her back to school.

*Please encourage your child to walk rather than be carried as well as carry his/her own backpack.

*Kahala’s tardy bell rings 8:00 am. It is school policy that if you are tardy, the parent AND child must report to the office and get a tardy slip before coming to the classroom. The classroom door will open no later than 7:55 am. Please make school a priority and show your child how important school is.  This includes coming to school daily and on time.

*If your child is to be picked up before school ends please report to the office first and we will escort your child to the office for pick up.

*Please have any approved adult that may pick up your child listed on the emergency card so that I may release your child to that person.

*Please have your child wear his/her Kahala shirt every Wednesday to show school spirit.

*Wear Kahala shirt and covered shoes on field trips and check the field trip form to see if he/she needs home lunch.

*Please continue to reinforce good manners (saying please, thank you, etc.), toileting skills, communication skills (modeling articulation/grammar errors, answering basic Wh- questions) and academia (practice coloring, writing, numbers, shapes, colors, and letter recognition) at home.
*Please reinforce all goals and objectives listed in your child's IEP at home as well.  Look for real-world, practical applications of skills learned in class while you are with your child.  Making learning meaningful to our children is how we help them truly learn the concepts and skills we teach.
*Please read and initial your child’s communication book for events as well as for reminders on upcoming due dates, field trips and meetings daily. Feel free to ask questions and write comments in the book as well.

Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!
Mrs. Kelly Gomes

Field Trips
The following field trips are tentatively scheduled, specific dates will be sent home once the field trips are confirmed.

September-  Fire Station, Planetarium 
October-  Waimanalo Farm
December- Kahala Mall (visit Santa)
February- Chinatown
March- Honolulu Zoo
April- Annual Preschool Playday