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School Community Council

This page provides information to stakeholders about our school's finances and operations for School Year 2017-18 via our Academic Plan and Comprehensive Financial Plan. Our School Community Council (SCC), made up of principals, teachers, staff, students, parents, and volunteer community members, help to craft and approve these plans for the following school year.  Learn more about School Community Councils on the Hawaii DOE website.
Kahala Elementary's 2018-19 School Community Council:
 Parents: Mohammed Doma (Mia Gr. 3), Marian Munday (Matthew Gr. 3)                                                         
 Teachers: Kelly Gomes, Michael Klingberg                                   
 Administration Kinau Gardner, Principal: 
 Classified: Dale Miyoi, Donna Ching 
 Community: Ann Kim, Ashlee Ann Rowe                                      
  Students: Keio Keene, Sophia LaPorte                                             
The SCC meets at least four times per school year.  The meeting dates and times are posted on our master calendar, and the minutes of those minutes are posted here and on the outdoor bulletin boards.  One community meeting is held each year.