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Attendance Policies & Procedures

Kahala Elementary School’s Attendance Policy is being implemented to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to learn and gain the necessary academic skills to be successful in life.  The policy supports our students academically, but also allows us to be in compliance with the Department of Education (DOE) attendance policy, and to uphold the law regarding mandatory schooling for students.

Regular and punctual attendance is important for all students.  Students need to attend school daily and be in class on time so that optimum benefits of their education can be achieved.  Unexcused and/or excessive absences and tardies are unacceptable and affect a student’s successful education and academic performance.  Regular school attendance is key to student academic success. 

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to schedule medical, dental and personal appointments during non-school hours. However, if a child must leave campus early, parent/legal guardian must contact the school office for an early release Off-Campus Pass.  Requests may be made with a written note or by contacting school office staff or counselor at 733-8455.