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The goal of the English Language Learners program is to help students become proficient in English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

What are we learning?

Days of the week, Phonics - Letters and letter sounds, Speaking & listening skills through Language for Learning

1st Grade - 6th Grade:
Students practice sight words, fluency in reading, reading comprehension, writing (narrative & research), oral speaking (presentation), and get help with class work

How students are graded
Students receive a supplemental progress report from the ELL teachers:
Standards and benchmarks covered in that quarter
Progress (Entering, Beginning, Developing, Approaching, Proficient)
Narrative which explains more on how your child is learning and performing in the ELL classroom.

How students can exit the program
Score “Proficient” (4) or “Above Proficient” (5) on the Spring LAS Links, in Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing
Get Teacher Recommendation
Grades “N” or above in all core subject areas (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
Parent notification and approval.

ELL teachers communicate with classroom teachers to make sure students are progressing in their regular classes
Students are monitored (by looking at their grades) for two years after they exit the ELL program.

What You Can Do At Home
Read aloud to your child, in your native language and/or in English
Go over the work and homework your child brings home
Take your child to the library to borrow books
Have your child read EVERYTHING: street signs, labels, words, etc.