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Student Meal Program

Kahala Elementary School offers nourishing and well-balanced breakfasts and lunches daily.  We participate in the Federal School Lunch Program, which offers free or reduced-priced breakfast and lunch for students who meet federal criteria.  Applications will be distributed to each student at the beginning of each year. See below for more information.


Breakfast is served daily from 7:20-7:50 a.m. in the school cafeteria.  The cost is $1.10 for students and $2.40 for adults.  Parents are invited to eat breakfast with students in the cafeteria. We have a cashless system, so parents will need to purchase meal tickets in the office prior to getting in line in the cafeteria.  Please be aware that our meal program is a federal program and therefore is monitored very closely.  Student meals are subsidized and cannot be shared with parents or a student’s siblings. Students must leave the cafeteria in enough time to start school on time.


Lunch with milk is $2.50 and milk (1/2 pint) is 60 cents.  If a child wants an extra entrée the cost is $2.00.


All students should eat either the school lunch or a home lunch.  Student lunches cost $2.50.  Students who bring home lunches must eat with their classmates in the cafeteria.  Milk may be purchased for 60 cents.  No caffeine type drinks (soda, iced tea) or candy is allowed to be a part of a student’s lunch. 


Milk Substitutions

If a student is allergic to milk, please provide the school with a doctor’s statement.  The doctor’s statement should be submitted to the student’s teacher who will alert our school food service manager.  A student who is allergic to milk will not be required to take milk.  Per DOE policy, no substitute drink will be provided; however, a student may have water.



To deposit funds into student’s account, please use the drop box located in the school office. Please make checks payable to Kahala Elementary School. Deposits can also be made online at Cash is not accepted in the line. See our website for more information.  Please be sure to have adequate funds available in your account so that it does not go into deficit. Reminders may be sent home, however, we ask that you monitor your child’s account. If a student’s account has a negative balance, parents will be contacted and will be asked to provide home lunch for their child until additional funds are deposited into the student’s account.


The following information is provided to help you plan accordingly.


Cost for Meals per Week:

             Breakfast and Lunch = $16.75

Lunch only = $12.50

Breakfast and Lunch (reduced paying students) = $3.50

Lunch only (reduced paying students) = $2.00


Meal Price List:                                  

Student Breakfast                                      $1.10                                                 

Student Lunch                                            $2.50

Additional student breakfast                  $2.40        

Additional student lunch                         $5.50

Adult Breakfast                                          $2.40        

Additional student entree                        $2.00                                               

Milk                                                              60 cents     

Adult Lunch                                                $5.50


Meal prices are subject to change. Free meal students should deposit money into their accounts if they plan on purchasing a second breakfast, second lunch or milk.


The DOE does not substitute components of school lunches due to allergies unless the allergy meets the federal definition of “disability” as defined under The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. If you have any questions, please call the office.



Parents may apply for free or reduced lunches. Applicants must meet predetermined income criteria set by the USDA in order to qualify.


Information and application forms may be obtained at the school office or online at Applications must be renewed annually. Students who were on the free/reduced program the year before are given a grace period at the start of each school year to renew their status.