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Kahala Elementary School

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School Community Council


Purpose of the Kahala School Community Council (SCC) is to provide a forum among the school’s stakeholders: administrator, teachers, school staff, parents, students and community members, for exchanging ideas about how to improve student achievement.

The School Community Council consists of the following number of representatives from each of the six role groups:

            Parents (2)                                                         

            Certificated (teachers) (3)                                    

            Administration (1)

            Classified (custodians, cafeteria & office) (2)

            Community (2)                                          

            Students (2)                                                   

This group of people is elected by their peers to advise the principal on specific matters that affect student achievement and school improvement.  Their primary role is to participate in the process that ensures that the needs of all students are specifically addressed in the overall education plan for the school. 

The SCC meets at least four times per school year.  The meeting dates and times are published in the school newsletter, DOE website, posted in the outdoor bulletin boards.  Two community meetings are held each year.